City Yoga X Me | January Challenge

It has been six months since City Yoga X was officially launched, and to celebrate our anniversary and the new year we have created a challenge for ourselves and our community.

We know this time of year can be challenging. Suddenly there are no more events to get to, our health often has suffered after one too many sugar cookies, the yoga mat is left rolled up next to the door as we run to another family engagement. We get it. We are with you in needing a little "me time" and support along the way. 

We also cannot believe it has been six months of being in the community with our crazy ideas. 

So before we dive into the challenge here are some highlights of the last six months:

  • Packing out a class at Panther's Gym in support of local fighters
  • Hosting Yoga on the accidental beach
  • Somehow managing to always find a home for the next class...
  • Hosting a class at El Cortez and showing down on Tacos after class with the students
  • Hosting a social in support of Inner Peace Project at Have Mercy (the chicken and donuts were a bonus for us)
  • Getting a bunch of Yogi's to try boxing with us and discovering they loved it
  • Going on to Open Up and Om Podcast with Des Iles
  • Getting away with using the Legislature ground all of August
  • Partnering with Nine Rising to create an experience that was not only about yoga, but about wellness and empowerment
  • Supporting one of our Rebels, Amanda, in raising money for Movember (and getting to post a photo of Tom Sellek)
  • Doing and all Drake class at Urban Timber
  • Freezing our feet, hands, and body for am outdoor photoshoot #worthit
  • Hosting our first Restore class at the Front Gallery and giving back to the students
  • Teaching a Vision and Goals workshop at the Bloom Festival
  • Discovering how much support YEG can offer by connecting us with new venues
  • Photoshoot with Des Iles and the Rebels in the rain
  • Finding a collective of teachers that want to be rebels with us

Ok... Time to dive into the challenge.

This list can be done in any order, and often having a friend come with your adds to the fun. Keep us posted on your progress via Instagram by tagging us and using #cityyogaxme. If you have a private account, we may not be able to see your posts.

We are also giving away a wellness package at the end of the month. To be eligible, head to Instagram, follow us and tag a friend on the relevant post (the City Yoga X Me post). You must be able to pick up the package in Edmonton. That's it!


What's next for us?

We are looking ahead at the next twelve months and have set some fun goals for our project. Of course, we will continue to host by donation yoga (it's our passion), but we want to start looking at what it will be to create in collaboration a run event. We also are starting to look at the possibility that City Yoga X visits another city for a weekend getaway. 

We will continue to build relationships with local businesses, students, and explore the city together. We are curious about creating more culture events, and know that sometimes the best things happen because they were not planned. 

Thank you 

We also want to take a moment to thank everyone that made the last six months possible. The businesses that opened their doors, the students that showed up, the many hugs, real conversations, and love that was given to us.

Thank you.

You make it possible for us to follow our passion. Bringing yoga to the people.