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Start a revolution.


City Yoga X is looking to change the experience of yoga teachers and practitioners. If you’re going to be a rebel, do it with a purpose, and at City Yoga X we know that yoga can transform our community and the world. Offering unique experiences to engage, provoke thought, learning, and collaboration, we know that if you want a different result you need to do things differently. From classes to social gatherings, workshops to workouts, we are rebels with a cause. 

Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.
— Dalai Lama XIV

Photo Share from the moth cafe

Were you at The Moth with us? We have some photos for you to access and share! 


Join us in exploring our city, loving up yourself, sweating, and being in the community. 

All our suggestions are things we love to do at places that inspire us with people that light us up or ways to  A lot of the items on the list are best when experienced with a friend, so invite those around you to join in. 

Get social with us and you have a chance to win a Wellness package at the end of the month. Our friends in the community are offering treats to reward your focus on taking care of yourself. 

Head to our instagram feed @cityyogax and comment and tag a friend in the relevant post (City Yoga X Me logo) to be entered for a draw at the end of the month.

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